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Qualdiade, Abim

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Along with qualified professionals, Abim keeps its reputation on the market for the quality of its work and for correctly following all technical determinations of projects and bid rules, with dedication, commitment and respect for its customers. Ensuring the quality of the products and services for its partners, with strict controls over the manufacturing processes. 

When we finish the delivery of our parts, a Data Book is provided with: 

• Dimensional Report 

• Paint Report 

• Hydrostatic tests 

• Dye penetrant inspection 

• Photographic record of the production process 

• Visual and dimensional welding test 

• Material and professional qualification certificates 

• And others, as required by the customer 

Always seeking our customers’ satisfaction in partnership with our suppliers right from the initial stage, which is the receipt of raw material. Here we inspect everything that arrives, generating then a traceability number and marking it on the material and on each material certificate. We believe that ensuring a good end result for our product is strongly related to the raw material used. Nowadays, quality is not an advantage but an obligation. 

Therefore, we always seek our customers’ satisfaction by continuously improving our products and services.


Always finding the best solutions for the quality of your work, following the technical requirements.


In all processes, from the project creation to the delivery with controls over the manufacturing processes.

Law Suit

Ensuring higher quality and safety of our products and services.

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