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Quem Somos, Abim, Blumenau

The company

Founded in 2003, ABIM emerged as an option for a sector that was out of step with qualified labor and products with above-average quality. in customer service, customer support with qualified technicians and services with a high degree of complexity.

Currently with a factory area of 2,000m², capacity of 50 ton./month, and 58 employees.

Manufacturing for several market segments, such as: Sugar and Alcohol, Oil and Gas, Paper and Cellulose, Mining, Sanitation, Shipbuilding, Steel and Air Conditioning.

And our main purpose is to act efficiently, prioritizing quality in our products and services, always seeking the satisfaction of our customers!


Offer solutions in Boilermaking and Machining with guarantee, responsibility, security and confidentiality.


Loyalty and search for new customers with sustainable growth.


Safety, Commitment, Ethics, Transparency, Overcoming, Valuing Employees

Quem Somos, Abim

With an industrial park of approximately 2000 m2, Abim - It is constantly making investments in machines, equipment and in the improvement of processes, thus being able to meet customer expectations and add value to its products and services, thus maintaining the reference in terms of quality of your products.

The solid partnership with its customers, employees and suppliers makes the company continue to conquer new markets and especially the recognition and respect of all...

- On July 30, 2013, Abim received the ISO 9001/2008 certification

- On July 10, 2016, Abim received the ISO 9001/2015 certification

- On July 27, 2019, Abim received the ISO 9001/2015 certification

quality policy

Abim is a manufacturer of equipment and components in boilermaking and machining for the Sugar and Alcohol, Oil and Gas, Pulp and Paper, Mining, Sanitation, Naval, Steel and Air Conditioning markets


It has the following commitments:

  • Seek customer satisfaction;
  • Act with operational efficiency, prioritizing the quality of its products and services;
  • Develop the competence of its employees;
  • Implement continuous improvement through its Quality Management System.

+55 47 3338-6472